OMS-GR (Residence Administration)

OMS-GR is an integrated set of applications modules that provide administrative tools to operate residences. It comprises 4 distinct modules.

Residence module that defines the operations / administration of the residence

  • Assign room/apartment types to each room/apartment available.
  • Create a real-time room status report on availability.
  • Define each room/apartment’s lease amount and included or available services
  • Create basic and complimentary services
  • Define pricing structure for services
  • Security – Evacuation measures, Resident emergency contact list, Resident evacuation evaluation report
  • Residence certification documentation

Resident module which is centric to defining each resident and their entire profile

  • Create a new resident file
  • Create and manage waiting list of residents
  • Define and manage residents profiles
  • Create and manage leases and associated services
  • Define and manage the resident medical profile
  • Billing and payments
  • Select billable services
  • Create and manage a contact list of responsible parties, family, emergency contacts, medical

Reporting system

  • Routing report for resident emergency transfers to hospitals and institutions
  • Specific condition report outlining nutritional, diet and allergies of all residents
  • Billing, invoicing account status report
  • Evacuation report
  • Residents urgent contact list


Administrative tools

  • Define levels of access of users
  • Define the residence and types of rooms / apartments
  • Create lists of local services such as hospitals, clinics and government agencies
  • Create lists of insurance companies including government.