MRCAnti aggression

MRC’s Anti-aggression staff alert system is designed to protect care-givers who may find themselves in need of support when dealing with an aggressive patient / resident or in an emergency call situation. This application provides an emergency call button or two-way communication for the care-giver to call for help.

System Description

Emergency calls are initiated by employees when they need help. The system determines their location and nature of the emergency (eg white code; assault by a patient, code blue; medical emergency, etc …
When integrated with MRC FUGIT, optional RTLS or MRC Nurse call systems, the system provides support to employees in facilities where patients or residents who pose a risk to themselves and to employees. Examples are patients who suffer from psychiatric problems or dementia. The system constantly determines their position and if they are absent from their assigned location it will send an alert to staff. Moreover if the patient tries to enter in restricted or prohibited areas the system takes the necessary action and sends a message to employees.

MRC products include:

  • System Server (integrated with FUGIT, RTLS, NECS)

Anti aggression application software

  • MRC 1400 Inteli-alert
  • MRC 3040 Wireless Gateway
  • MRC 1035 2 Button wristband
  • MRC 1035-P 2 button pendant