MRC technologies bring you the finest experience in the field and these communications solutions help the residence operate smoothly and efficiently but also represent significant revenue generation opportunities.


Our systems provide for the needs of internal and external communications of residents and staff. They include IP-Telephony systems, IP phones, IP Intercoms, IP Public Address systems, Bedside Communication devices, Gateways interfaces to public data and telephony networks. The return on investment of an IP telephony system is indeed very fast and it provides in the midterm incremental income in addition to absorb the costs of the internal administrative calls within the operation.

Automated Event Reminder

This software enables the residence to program and automate calls to the rooms of the residents and public areas to remind them of activities, important or special events. This tool is very useful as it saves an enormous amount of time to the employees as the messages once programmed are delivered automatically leaving also a message on the voice mail of the residents in case they are not in their room at the time of the call.