MRC’s RTLS Option

There is a need in high-care units to provide additional security to patients and residents. High-care units that have Alzheimer, dementia or other persons-at-risk of wandering will benefit from MRC’s RTLS system. As staff are performing their daily tasks, MRC RTLS monitors the movements of persons and provides real-time information on their whereabouts, using MRC 4025 TAG badges, MRC 4026 Beacon or Beacon with IR options and MRC 4020 wireless gateways. MRC RTLS works in conjunction with MRC FUGIT or MRC NECS. The system can be customized to meet specific needs and provides reports and audit trails.

RTLS solutions provide location sensors that are attached to various assets be it a patient, a staff member or a piece of equipment. Utilizing a unique ID, the system can locate the tags and give you real-time information about its positioning within the facility.

It can be thought of as a type of “indoor GPS” for hospitals. However, more so than just locating assets, an accurate locating technology that easily integrates with other Healthcare IT solutions enables facilities to improve workflow, reduce costs and increase clinical quality.

RTLS Diagram Eng


MRC 4025 Tag Badge

The RFID location tag is designed to be used in MRC’s RTLS system. The location tags will transmit the received beacon ID (in its close range) along with its own tag ID to the reader. The tag location will be resolved by the server when the tag ID and beacon ID pair will be received from the reader.

MRC 4026 / 4026 IR, Beacon & Beacon with optional IR

The location beacons MRC 4026 and MRC 4026 IR are designed to be used with MRC’s RTLS system. The location beacon is installed at a fix location as defined by the system. Each reader is assigned with an ID unique to the system and the beacon ID is used as an identification of the location.

The location beacon periodically transmits its ID at 125 kHz RF. The tags transmit the received beacon ID (in its close range) along with its own tag ID to the reader. The tag location is resolved by the server when tag ID and beacon ID pair is received from the reader.

IR option: The additional Infrared sensor detects the presence of a person within the detection range. The reader then transmits the beacon ID and tag ID.

MRC 4020 Gateway (Proximity Reader)

MRC 4020 gateway is used by MRC’s security systems FUGIT and MRC RTLS for the real time location of persons at risk.

The MRC 4020 gateway is installed in strategic locations where wandering alert is necessary for the protection of those at risk.

Readers can be installed inside a facility to control access where there are doors, staircases, corridors, elevators, storage rooms, kitchens etc … and that at exit points or areas outside input (eg patios, terraces).

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