Wander Management, Alert Management and Monitoring System & Controlled Access

MRC’s FUGIT is a Wander Management, Alert Management, access control Management and monitoring system designed to protect residents and patients of high care units or establishments form wandering. Fugit is a flexible and customizable system that meets all the varying requirements and needs of residents and care establishments
Product brief
MRC’s FUGIT Wander-Alert is a wander alert and access control system. Fugit can be programmed to protect residents from wandering into or from specified zones, floors and rooms. Fugit identifies potential wandering risks near exit & entrances, stairwells, elevators. It implements the appropriate protection strategy. In addition it can be used for ’’presence detection’’. With MRC’s Fugit a customizable access control provides a safe environment preventing access by high risk residents. Resident identification, location and permissions are part of the system.

Product features
Can uniquely identify both residents and staff. Fully customizable to meet the residence’s risk needs for presence detection:

  • By zone
  • By specified exits
  • By elevators
  • In specific rooms – (mechanical or maintenance rooms, kitchen, laundry).
  • By category of access i.e. authorized or unauthorized

Can be used in a standalone mode or integrated with MRC’s Emergency-Call system. The system can be managed and supported centrally or remotely.
Provides instant notification to attendants and management via pager,  Cell phone, telephone, PDA or computer.
An easy to use set of administration screens for:

  • Monitoring in a real-time all events, times and actions
  • Reviewing of all wander alerts and their resolution
  • Provide a set of utilities to add or remove residents from the database
  • Enable direct access to audit trails and reports

The system consists of the following:
a)      Interfaces for Residents:
These are partly the features that he residents at risk of wandering have been provided with and those that will be activated by these residents when they will get close to the areas that the residence wants to control. They are mainly the following products:

  • RFID Reader / Detector (MRC -4020)
  • RFID Key-Fob (MRC – 4031)
  • TAG equipment (MRC-4033)
  • Access Key Pad (MRC – 4040)
  • Door Magnet (MRC – 4052)
  • Wrist Band Tag (MRC – 4030)
  • RFID Badge (MRC – 4032)
  • Two buttons pendant (MRC – 4034)
  • Door Striker (MRC – 4050)
  • Emergency release Station (MRC – 4053)

b)      Intelligent access gateways and servers:

1. The gateways are central components that detect all the activities from the residents’ features (pull cords, buttons, etc.) and then communicate them to the server. There are wired and wireless gateways.
2. The central servers: these servers are the main component of the system and they include the following servers:

     2.1.    Main Server: This server hosts the main application which manages all the functions of the system like sorting the calls, manage the events, communications, reports, etc.

     2.2.   Application servers: This server handles the applications which enable to visualise the emergency calls, the resident data input (name, room number, priority level etc.), the activation or deactivation of the features, the programming of the different buttons and switches, etc.. It has also the ability to generate all the reports.

Depending on the nature of the installation the software of this server can work (be installed) on the main server as on hardware or as separate hardware.

The system includes the following products:

  • Automated Event reminder & P.A. / Server (MRC – 3002)
  • IP-PBX Communications Server (MRC – 3003)
  • Switch -24 port PoE (MRC – 3004)
  • Alarm Server / Nurse Emergency Call (MRC – 3010)
  • Alert Server FUGIT/ Wander Alert (MRC – 3015)
  • 96 Channel Access controller (wired) ( MRC – 3020)
  • Gateway Controller –Wireless (MRC – 3040)
  • IP Gateway (MRC-3050)

c)    Reception of calls and confirmation:
This system provides information on the various events and the actions to be undertaken by the employees, the administration, the technical services and the control services.
It includes the following products:

  • Paging system (MRC – 2020)
  • Pagers (MRC – 2021)
  • Other current features such as Smart Phones, portable phones etc.
  • Panel Display (LED,LCD) (MRC -2030)
  • DEL Corridor lights (MRC – 2040)

Supervision of the system
The MRC system is fully supervised 24/7. Any component or systems break down is automatically detected and forwarded electronically immediately to the technical personnel on site or off site, this includes internal wiring problems and wireless transmission. The communication of these events is forwarded to the MRC technicians (Central MRC) and /or to the technicians of the residence if applicable.